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Mold Removal Long Island NY

Hey there everyone! This is Mold Removal Long Island NY. Do you have allergies when it’s not allergy season? Do you have a constant ongoing cold? My question here today for you is, have you considered that you may have a mold problem?

I know what you may be thinking, “No I don’t see any mold.” Well I’m here to tell you, that not all mold can be seen! Did you know you can smell mold? Also that mold doesn’t just grow on the walls, but it grows in the air. On our surfaces in the home or business.

We can solve that problem for you immediately! Make that strange “cold” or “allergies” disappear! Just a few services we provide are, mold removal, mold testing, mold inspection, mold clean up, mold remediation and even more that you can learn about through our article and or on the phone today!

About Mold Removal Long Island

Our goal is to make our customers happy. We make sure that communication is key on both sides of the street. We communicate with you and make sure you feel as comfortable as possible and that way you feel okay with communicating to us.

Whether that means telling us that something doesn’t quite work for you like a certain time. Or telling us about any questions that you may have for us. Lots of companies are all about getting in and getting out.

We too like to get our job done quickly and at a brisk pace, but we also know it is not professional of us to leave you out high and dry and confused. That is why our company makes a layout for you so you can see what is all going on. Yes, we make it special just for you.

All of our customers really appreciate and show their appreciation of our values of these. They feel like they can honestly and truly say that they enjoyed their experience with us working for them.

We like to make sure that no corners are cut. After the job is done we will go back through and check out everything that we have done to make sure we haven’t missed a step. If we miss a step you are not getting your money’s worth because every single thing that needs to be done is necessary for the 100% free of mold guartunee to work.

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Why Choose Mold Removal Long Island

I have had customers inform us in the past about feeling like their problem wasn’t being taken seriously by the employees of other mold removal companies in Long Island. We are here to assure you that you should never have to worry about that with our team.

We have certified employees and they are not allowed to work until they are. They remain off of projects till all their tasks are finished to become certified.

Customers also really appreciate how we are insured through everything, so it works for anyone to use any insurance they may have to have it go through us. We find it very important to be an affordable company and think of everyone in any situation they may be in.

Just somethings that are important about the company are:

  • Certified employees
  • Insured company
  • Great customer service
  • Repair water damage
  • Affordable cost rates
  • Open 24/7 for your best convenience
  • Free estimate given on the phone or in person
  • Hard workers
  • Everything is done at in an efficient amount of time that is easy for our customers

Our company has been around for decades! We are not a set of rookies at the job. We have had so much experience. Even though we have been around for a long time though doesn’t mean our products and equipment are old. We keep everything new and up to date for our customers.

It is important to us that you receive the best possible products at any time. We keep up with the new and improved system. You are able to call us at any time for a free estimate and or to book an appointment that would fit your schedule. We will do all we can to fit you in as soon as we can.

What to Expect from Mold Removal Long Island

As I mentioned above we keep up with the new products and equipment, I really want to reiterate it. We find it so important. Lots of companies find the old way just works as good as the new one so they may not upgrade, but I promise we upgrade it here for a reason.

If you request older items we can do it and we do keep it in stock, but we recommend the newer ones. It will guarantee better protection of your home from mold.

Customers have been pleased with our work for the last several decades and have referred their friends and family to us time and time again. They really love our work and how it just feels honest and right and done in a great amount of time. We don’t want you to be paying more than what needs to be, so we don’t want to use up any more unnecessary time.

Our customers also appreciate how quick we get to them. They don’t normally have to wait any longer than the next morning for our arrival. But we try to shoot for no more than a couple hours.

Getting service done through us, you will give our company a call and they will give you a free estimate and set up your appointment. Then for your appointment and employee will come back and inspect your home or business. Afterwards they will test it and see what they are working with.

They will sit down with you and give you a step by step plan of what they need to do and make a plan with you of when it would be convenient for you for them to get the job done. After the mold removal process finishes, they will give you a mold remediation long island process on how to keep it away.

Services Mold Removal Long Island Provides

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Mold Inspection Long Island

Mold Inspection Long Island is the first step done when an employee comes to your location. They check out your home and or business and see if there is any other mold in your home you are unaware of.

Some people even call even if they are unsure of mold being in their home. In some cases there is absolutely no mold, and in other caes our customers were right about being able to smell it.

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Mold Testing Long Island

Mold Testing Long Island is important because you never know how much mold you have in the area.

You may be able to see it and or smell it, but the test is able to determine how much we are working with. That is just half the battle.

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Mold Removal Long Island

Long Island Mold Removal is also done with mold clean up Long Island. Some are unaware of how you need to clean the mold off to isolate it.

This is the 100% guaranteed way to get rid of it completely. If you don’t you may be leaving bits behind to grow more.

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Mold Remediation Long Island

Mold Remediation Long Island NY is the final step after the mold is removed. Our team then goes through with you on how to keep the mold away. How to air out and ventilate the area and how to let in natural sunlight.

In some cases they may help educate you on how to get rid of minor mold infestations so then in easy cases you can take care of it by yourself, but of course in extreme cases or if you are unsure you can still give us a call and we are right there to help.

Long Island NY

Long Island is an expansive, and densely populated Island. It is known for its historic Gold Coast Mansions, award winning vineyards, eclectic dining, boutique shopping and charming downtown areas and more! The unemployment rate is 3.7%. The population is 7.647 million.

The cities that surround Long Island are:

  • Brentwood, NY.
  • Commack, NY.
  • Central Islip, NY.
  • Deer Park, NY.
  • Dix Hills, NY.
  • Hauppauge, NY.
  • North Bay Shore, NY.
  • Elwood, NY.
  • And Surrounding Areas..


"I have never met such an informative hard working team in my life! They were so helpful and awesome at making sure I was kept in the loop. They were always in high spirits and made my stressful situation way less intimidating and they took me under their wing and managed the problem all together.

They showed me everything they were going to do and gave me the step by step process. It only took a few hours and it was such great and efficient work! Thanks guys!"

-Kyle S.

"There was an ongoing leak in my office that I had no idea about. The water damage had been getting so bad and I had no idea! I was referred to Long Island Mold Removal and they were able to dry most of my floors where the water damage was done at!

Thank you so much! I only had to repair a small amount of my flooring which turned out to be a lot cheaper since they were able to save most of my flooring!"

-Chris W.

"There was some mold growing in the corner of my room. I kept using clorox wipes to wipe away the fungus, but it kept growing back and coming in worse and worse.

The team of professionals came in when I called and took care of it! They informed me that the clorox was making it worse and they showed me what to do to keep the mold from growing back! So thankful for this certified and insured team that made it affordable for me to get their help."

-Becca I.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you deal with water damage?

Yes, if it hasn’t been too far gone we can dry your floors, but if it can’t be resolved then the floors will have to be repaired.

Is pink mold toxic?

Yes, pink mold is just as toxic as any other mold.

How do you get rid of pink mold?

You make a mixture of bleach and spray it on the contaminated spot. You let it sit for 5-10 minutes then scrub. After that you should repeat the process a couple more times.

Are you only open Monday-Friday and normal business hours?

No we are open 24/7 so we are available whenever we are possibly needed!

How much does an estimate cost?

Absolutely nothing! We do free estimates on everything so then you know approximately the cost of the project that needs to be done.

Where does black and green mold grow most commonly?

Black and green mold grow anywhere, but most commonly in the attic, because there is a smaller chance of it being ventilated, aired out and given natural sunlight.

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In conclusion to our article you can see we are a very dependable team. We won’t let you down and we will get the job done right. You are important to us and so is your support. We can make your home a safe environment with no infestation of mold, or even repair water damage done.

Call Long Island Mold Removal today and we will give you a free estimate and set up an appointment that works best for you!

Mold Removal Long Island

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